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Glas ESC volontera

A short history of Europe

That is how the Council of Europe was born: it started on the 5th of May 1949 with only ten countries, and collected a total of 46 States throughout the years.

World water day

Right now, in the world there are 2 billion people living without access to safe water. As we can see, this is global crisis, and we can’t look away.

Let the games begin

The second ‘semester’ of our language classes officially started in February.

Are you a European citizen?

Maybe we are used to thinking of citizen as someone belonging to a nation or to a country; for the Romans, however, it was a whole different story: being a civis romanus, a citizen of Rome, meant to be a free man, to have legal rights, and to actively participate in the city’s political life.

Valentine’s day

Love is not only a feeling between a couple, it has many different ways and categories. Like the love a mother has to her children. Love between good friends. Or maybe the most important, selflove.