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Letter to young dreamers: korak po korak – or when hard work offers you a life -changing experience

I had to pass through multiple steps in my life before being able to go to Zagreb with ESC. Every step helped me to gain something that got me taken to Amazonas. This year in Zagreb has been the most fulfilling year, the year that made me grow the most, personally and skills wise. Through this article, I want to describe this year, what it brought to me, what I learnt, the lessons of life, the memories, the good moments as the bad that I had to overcome in order to make this year a success in the sense that I achieved projects that mattered a lot to me, and that taught me a lot.

About time that flies

I cannot understand how it is possible, that this project is about to end already. Time really seems to be slipping through my fingers. It feels like I just arrived in Zagreb, after 12 hours of train, nervous, excited, curious, and very tired, not knowing what would await me in these ten months.

How volunteering in your local community can change your life?

In my first article, I listed many of the reasons why people volunteer and what value volunteering can bring to your life. In this article I want to list three examples of engagement in the local community and the benefit of it. And at the end, you may even find out how volunteering can be related to a marriage proposal!

What is baptism of capoeristas?

Batizado (in Portuguese baptism) is an initiation ritual and ceremony during which capoeira members receive a Corda (the belt representing the rank in capoeira). In our case, it was joined with Troca de Cordas, an exchange of the cordas.

Europe day celebrates peace and unity

As European citizens, we should be aware about the opportunities that Europe brings to us. Unfortunately, I noticed that not enough people know about those.

Eurodesk: a big browser for opportunities all around Europe!

In the first paragraphs I will give you a short resume of Eurodesk’s history and what are its main aims. In the second part of the article, I will give you some more information about the results of Eurodesk — this means if it is doing well for the youngsters’ — and how it assesses all the opportunities abroad!

How is it to volunteer on an Island?

In our On-Arrival Seminar in November, we met a lot of other volunteers from all over Croatia that are part of the ESC as well. One of them was Marco from Italy, who lives on the Island of Murter and is a volunteer for Udruga Argonauta. To get a broader insight on how other ESC projects can be structured, I asked Marco to share with me his experience so far and you can read about it in this article.

Environmental Activism in Zagreb

I am very interested in the topic of environmental activism and we can state that the climate crisis concerns all of us and has so many layers to it. It is great that there are organizations like Zelena Akcija, that raise awareness about the topic, educate and speak with decision makers, because we must act now.