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EU opportunities for young people

The European Union, often mentioned but not always fully understood, is a unique entity that has evolved since its creation. If we take a moment to reflect on its essence, we could define
it as an ambitious project of regional integration that has transcended borders to weave
economic, political, and social ties among its member states, offering multiple opportunities
to the young people who are part of it.


But, what is its purpose? The European Union aims to promote cooperation and solidarity among countries, working to reach peace, stability, and economic growth in the region. And what are the benefits of belonging to this union? This is where the perspective of citizens like me, Paula, part of the ESC Volunteers project in Amazonas, can shed light on the real impact on everyday life, at least from a youth perspective.

Now, concerning common doubts: is the international organization a guarantor of prosperity? Do the countries that make it up really enjoy significant advantages? These might be some questions that come to mind when we analyse this Union. Throughout this talk, we will explore together the functionality of the European Union and its notable achievements over time. Above all, during these months, I will try to present the
options that most young people are unaware of and that this organization offers to us. I will
attempt to simplify the complexity of this entity so that we can all better understand the role it
plays in our lives and how to know the opportunities it provides.



So, let’s delve into the fascinating world of the European Union, I will start by sharing some
general information to give context, especially for youngsters.


Some significant achievements of the European Union include the establishment of a single market, the adoption of the euro as a common currency in several countries, and the promotion of peace and stability in the region through political and economic cooperation.


Additionally, the EU has developed common policies in areas such as the environment and human rights. On the other hand, it has created a space called the Schengen Area, which is a zone of free movement among the 27 European countries. Citizens of these countries can travel without border controls, facilitating mobility and tourism.

In conclusion, the European Union offers numerous possibilities that most of us are unaware
of. From a young citizen’s perspective, one could consider themselves fortunate to be part of
it. Don’t miss the upcoming posts on this blog, as I will present the different opportunities that
the EU offers to youngsters (which are more than we think), and tricks on how to apply for
them, as it’s not always easy 😉