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This spring in Amazonas, will offer you a  merry wide range of activities and interesting events.  Today we are going to talk about few of them. We will talk about Amazonas non-formal workshops.

Non-formal workshops provide a platform for experimentation and exploration. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box, take risks, and push the boundaries of their creativity. 

Our first workshop was held in February at Library Kajfešov brijeg. Participants were mastering  videography and photography skills, with the usage of their mobile phones.  Within the 3 cycles of this workshop, participants  had enough time to learn about new techniques, to try on their own and  to hang out with like minded people.

Photography and Videography workshops were held by me and by Aren, who are both  experienced in that field. We went above videography and photography , and learnt how can we use the social platforms, and how photo and video combination is key in today’s marketing world. We were happy to share our knowledge  to answer the questions  and to see the end product by our participants . Our last exercise was to make Instagram video that could go viral, and I must admit that we had a lot of fun.

It’s important to mention that these non formal workshops, are free from the constraints of formal structures, offer unique opportunities for individuals to learn, grow, and connect in unconventional ways.

As for April, we are happy to announce another set of workshops. This time we dive into the world of writing and storytelling.  We are covering 4 techniques such as Stream of Consciousnes, Flash Fiction, Reverse Writing and Epistolary Writing.

One of the most exciting aspects of creative writing workshops is the sense of community they foster. Surrounded by fellow writers who share your passion for storytelling, you’ll find encouragement and feedback. Together, you’ll embark on literary adventures, exchanging ideas, and pushing each other to new heights of creativity.

Whether you dream of writing a book/blog or simply want to express yourself, creative writing workshops offer a gateway to a world of literary wonders. So, why wait? Join us and embark on a journey of self-expression, creativity, and storytelling magic!