Solidarity blog

How Christmas really becomes the season of love

We were asked to choose between different terms that we associated with solidarity. To me personally, two important terms are love and empathy. In addition, I would also associate both terms with Christmas and since we are in the Christmas season right now, I want to look more closely to the link between solidarity actions and Christmas.

International day of solidarity

The 20th December is International day of solidarity, and on this occasion, I would like to talk to you about why this day exists, what actions are taking place, also explain what solidarity means for me, and tell you about how we can connect solidarity with the mission of our NGO, Amazonas.

How was my first roda experience?

I will explain to you what Roda is, what instruments are used in capoeira, people’s personal experiences, and share with you my own experience of it as well!

How can you prepare for ESC project?

In this article I will give you a deeper understanding of what happens if you will be chosen for an interview after your application process on the ESC’s platform.

Why should I spend my valuable time doing unpaid work?

By doing something meaningful, and at best making a positive contribution to the community, you also do something good for yourself. After all, feeling like you can help and being actively involved in an important project can be very rewarding.