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Solidarity blog: Presentation of the media Team’s results

During the Christmas holidays and throughout the month of January, the people who attended our video editing workshops and joined our media team completed their tasks for Amazonas.

Lucija, Helena, Antonija and Nina, as Local volunteers, were able to film and edit four different videos under my supervision, even managing in some cases to reach a surprising level as they are people without any experience in the field of video editing.

The topics

The girls had the opportunity to choose one of the following themes as the subject of their video: One of the sports training offered by Amazonas, Capoeira (and in general, sport) as a psychological tool, volunteering, the ESC program and more generally the Erasmus + programs and finally mental health.

Lucija and Helena both chose this last one: the first decided to talk to us and give us advice about anxiety attacks, while the second, thanks to the help of some friends, staged a representation that it helps to understand how important it is to communicate your discomforts and not be ashamed for them. Nina, who has been following the French course offered by Amazonas in recent months, has decided to talk about this, interviewing some of her classmates and even their “teacher”, Mathilde. Finally, Antonija decided instead to deal with the topic of volunteering: in her video she shows us and indicates all the reasons for volunteering, like the possibility of living abroad, meeting new people, meeting and discovering new cultures, feeling useful and active within your community and much more. The videos have been published on the Amazonas YouTube channel, here is one of them.

A new workshop is coming

Coming soon, hoping that the Covid-19 situation will improve and in new lighter measures by the government, we have decided to propose again this type of workshop, but this time trying to involve more people and trying to make a real short movie about Amazonas. So if you are interested in joining our media team or in learning something more about video editing, follow us on our social pages/channels and wait for further communication.