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EDUCATION: Sports games as a tool for learning social skills

Designed for educators, trainers, and professionals working with groups who want to improve their methods and explore the possibilities of sports games as a tool for social and emotional learning.

Educational outcomes:

  • Participants will experience various sports games and activities that contribute to the development of social skills.
  • Participants will become familiar with the theoretical framework of experiential learning and reflection (debriefing).
  • Participants will learn basic steps in facilitating the reflection process after the activity.
  • Participants will learn how to adapt and use sports principles in their field of work.

Education led by:

Tena Kostanjšek – a social pedagogue and the author of the preventive program “Tribo Moderna – Capoeira for Tolerance and Non-Violence,” which uses capoeira as a tool for learning social skills. She is also the lecturer of the course “Capoeira as a Method in Working with Children and Youth at Risk” at the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences in Zagreb. With over 15 years of experience in direct work with groups of children, youth, and adults, she is an NLP practitioner and the author of the handbook “Sports Activities as a Pedagogical Tool.”

Working method:

The education includes a theoretical framework and practical application. Participants will experientially go through exercises and activities that they can later use in their work with groups/classes. They will actively participate in the learning process. After the education, all participants will receive a script with activities they experienced during the education, as well as some additional activities they can use later in their work with groups/classes.

Participant impressions:

"Today's education was one of the best I've attended. The activities changed quickly, and after each one, we received useful feedback on how to use the acquired knowledge. Each activity was dynamic, fun, interesting, and inspiring. Thanks to the facilitator!"

"All praises for the workshop. Very dynamic, interesting, and useful. I will use what I learned in my work with children."

"I was thrilled with the education because it was full of examples that we can apply in our work. The facilitator did an excellent job and provided many examples and explanations. I liked that we were active participants in every part of the education. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next ones! All the best!"

"The activities in the education were great, very useful and applicable! Also, the activities gave me a different perspective on sports and sports activities."

EDUCATION: LANGUAGE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE – Communication in Difficult Situations

The education aims to raise awareness of language patterns used in communication and how they can influence the interlocutor. It covers motivating versus resistant words or patterns and how to convey the same content in a way that interests and motivates the interlocutor, as well as the language of influence.

What positive communication means and what influential language is.

The education consists of a theoretical part, practical examples, and exercises. The theory partially derives from the linguistic concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and the experiential part is adapted for application in work within educational institutions, social care institutions, organizations working with people, suitable for professionals in psychosocial work, teachers, and individuals working with people. The education is led by Tena Kostanjšek, a social pedagogue and NLP practitioner. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16 to ensure the possibility of practical work and working on the examples of participants.

What participants said:

"Fantastic and very useful, and I think I will be able to use a lot in the near future."

"Concrete examples, applicable in practice, connected with life and possible current challenges."

"I am extremely satisfied, above all my expectations, very professionally, fluently, beautifully conducted, an extremely useful education that I would recommend to everyone working with people."

"The entire education was extremely useful and interesting. Raising awareness of the impact of words and the message they convey, learning alternative forms of certain words (how to convey the same message in other words)."

"The education is well-designed, key concepts important for effective communication are well explained, and theoretical and practical exercises are interchanged in a way that allows easy tracking and memorization."

Training for the Implementation of the ISTRESI Program – Stress Management Techniques

The ISTRESI program, focusing on stress management techniques, is designed for students in higher grades of elementary schools. It consists of five experiential psycho-educational workshops aimed at raising awareness of stress sources and adopting stress management techniques. The emotion and stress regulation techniques contained in the workshops are based on breathing and body awareness. The program has been verified by the Ministry of Science and Education and is available in the educational materials section.

Training for professionals working with children and youth consists of a theoretical part and exercises. It serves as preparation for the implementation of the manual or as an introduction to the topic of stress and the adoption of stress management techniques. All exercises are applicable to adults, and they can be used for personal well-being and the adoption of techniques for regulating one’s own stress.

Training for the Implementation of the "More than Sport" Program

The “More than Sport” program is applicable in working with students in higher grades of elementary schools, high school students, and youth. It consists of 10 workshops where sports and physical activities are used as tools for personal development and social learning. The program covers the following areas of learning: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, interpersonal skills, social awareness. Download the manual for program implementation in the educational materials section.

In addition to applying the manual, after the training, participants will be able to devise activities themselves in which sports and physical activities are used as tools for the development of socio-emotional skills.

Expert lectures and training in specific areas

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