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mobility and other workshops


MOBILITY is a training program for developing strength, balance, and flexibility through natural movement (movement patterns with changes in the body’s center of gravity, using the floor). It consists of exercises that deepen movements such as deep squats, hip-opening exercises, stretches through half-lunges, and planking exercises for core strength development. In later stages of training, it combines combinations of natural movements into simpler or more complex sequences with an emphasis on the smoothness of movement. It includes occasional inversions and pre-exercises for movements using hands as support. It is suitable for anyone who wants to explore their own range of movements and energize before the start of the day. It increases the range of motion, joint mobility, body flexibility, and endurance. Watch the video!


 FLEXIBILITY WORKSHOPS consist of exercises for stretching the entire body to develop active and passive flexibility. We learn how to properly do splits, bridges, deep forward bends, and much more. The exercises used can be performed daily, focusing on proper body stretching and the development of personal flexibility. It is intended for those eager to increase/maintain their flexibility, for anyone involved in sports activities who want to improve their range of motion. It promotes proper body posture. Suitable as a complement to training.

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