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Amazonas team

Executive Team


Tena Kostanjšek, M.A. in Social Pedagogy, the one who holds everything together

A travel and adventure enthusiast, an inspiration to children, and undoubtedly earning the title of the best coach. The founder of Amazonas, who, throughout her career, combines her profession with movement and capoeira. Her favorite forms of movement are those in nature and distant lands.

In addition to executive directorship, she is involved in program and project development.


Ivona Dundović, M.A. in Social Pedagogy, the one bringing new ideas

Passionate about photography, listening to podcasts while cooking, and autobiographies. In her free time, she practices yoga and Pilates, and on weekends, she explores mountain peaks.

In her first year of Gestalt psychotherapy education, she coordinates and develops programs in the youth field at Amazonas, and manages Amazonas communication channels.



Adrian Štark, M.Sc. in Psychology, the one taking care of office plants

In his free time, he explores new possibilities offered by digital drawing. His professional habit is paying attention to details, even when watching series and movies, studying the specificities of certain formats. Communicative and relaxed, you’ll find him in nature or tending to the multitude of plants in his apartment.

Gestalt psychotherapist in supervision, at Amazonas, he coordinates counseling services and conducts group workshops and individual counseling for children, youth, and parents.


Stela Božiček, M.Sc. in Psychology, the one who puts everything in her planner

She loves traveling and exploring different cultures, and her free time is filled with watching movies, dancing, and trying out various creative hobbies.

At Amazon, she is the leader of small tribes in the “Modern Tribe” program, conducting evaluations and providing support to parents and volunteers involved in our programs.


Blaž Glavinić, M.A. in Archaeology, the one at Amazonas taking care of details

He surely deserves the title of the best worker. Although naturally very entertaining, even the best distractors cannot interrupt him at work. His inherent calmness and composure can only be disturbed by playing board games that awaken all hidden passions.

Expert in program and financial management, at Amazonas, he is the finance manager, project manager, and coordinator of European Solidarity Corps volunteers.

Program Staff


Anđelka Pelinović, M.A. in Kinesiology and Kinesiotherapist

With a positive spirit and energetic nature, she is a master of massages, meditations, and healing techniques. Externally a formidable leader, internally a wonderful and free spirit, with this combination, she is the ideal leader of children’s groups where order is respected, and fun is wild. She loves good food and cooks even better.

Capoeira trainer for preschoolers, school children, and children with disabilities, and a trainer on the “Tribo moderna” project.


Alen Licul, Capoeira Professor and the one who sings the loudest

A capoeira expert who lives and breathes the art. He is our Rijeka fisherman and sage. He is the president of our friendly capoeira association, Capoeira Rijeka (“Beira do rio”), where he promotes capoeira in Rijeka on a daily basis.

Coordinates and implements the “Tribo moderna” project in Rijeka schools.



Andreja Rosandić, Social Pedagogue, and a social entrepreneur at heart

Actively works on the development of social entrepreneurship in Europe. In addition, she is a supervisor in psychosocial work with years of experience working with various helping professions. Always open for a joke, and her advice is worth its weight in gold.

Initially a long-time support and now the president of Amazonas.

Our trainers


Sara Kovačević, M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and an endless source of creativity

Lively, playful, acrobatic, dynamic, and compassionate Sara. It’s hard to count her talents.

Children’s trainer on the “Tribo moderna” project, leader of flexibility workshops, and collaborator in the field of communication.


Dario Vlahović, M.Sc. in Psychology and Capoeira instructor

Known as the instructor Frodo. A trainer who pushes your limits and is the one who soars the highest in Amazonas.

Capoeira trainer for adults.


Margarita Vukoja, Architect, better known as Monitora Chicote

Passionate capoeirista at Amazonas and the one who gathers the team. Gita ensures only the best for organizing gatherings, celebrations, and fun.

Capoeira trainer for adults.


Teodora Tadej, Mathematician, better known as Monitora Pippi Meialonga

Another source of creativity. Her playfulness brings joy and energy to Amazonas.

Capoeira trainer for school children in Zagreb.


Eugen Mustač, Technical University student, and the face of Amazonas

Our youngest trainer with the most talents. He is so skilled that you can see him in various acrobatic poses on our flyers and promotional materials.

Conducts training for school-age children in Zagreb and Zaprešić.