Amazonas team


Tena Kostanjšek, Master of Social Pedagogy and teacher in capoeira

She is a lover of travel and adventure, a role model for children and definitely gets the title of the best coach. She is the rock of Amazonas that holds us all together.
Executive Director of:
• Team management
• Monitoring the work of the entire organization

Project manager for:
• Tribo moderna
• Erasmus + projects:
• Training for experts and development of prevention programs
• Amazonas trainings
• Amazonas summercamp

Coordination of: Zaprešić schools on the Tribo moderna program
Provides support in: counseling, education and support for parents
Coach for:
• advanced capoeira
• morning mobility


Iva Zelić, Master of Journalism and the voice of Amazonas

In addition to speaking on behalf of Amazonas through communication channels, she is responsible for the development of the Erasmus + and ESC programs at Amazonas. She always presents us in the best light. She often tries new recipes and you certainly don’t want to miss hanging out with her.
Currently absent in performing the most important function:
• baby manager


Vjekoslav Barač, Master of Psychology and passionate basketball player

He loves sports, music and good company, and is full of hidden talents. With his Dubrovnik accent, he contributes to the cultural diversity of the Amazonas.
Coordination of:
• volunteers on the Tribo Moderna program
• Zagreb schools on the Tribo moderna program

Provides support in:
• Counseling, education and support for parents
• Volunteer reflection groups


Blaž Glavinić, Master of Archeology and the one who takes care of the details in Amazonas

He certainly wins the title of best worker. Although he is very funny by nature, even the best distractors cannot disturb him in his work.
As the head of our office he is in charge of:
• Administration, finances, cash register. He also makes sure that our whole office business is well taken care of.

Project manager for:
• European Solidarity Corps projects
• ESC Ambassadors
• Uključi s(v)e! project


Andreja Rosandić, Master of Social Pedagogy and social entrepreneur at heart

She is actively working on the development of social entrepreneurship in Europe. In addition, she is a supervisor in psychosocial work with many years of experience working with various helping- professions. Quite the joker our Andreja is, but nontheless her advices are worth her weight in gold.

She was a long-term supporter at first, and today she is the president of Amazonas.


Anđelka Pelinović, Master of kinesiology and kinesitherapist

With a positive spirit and energy, she is a master of massages, meditations and healing techniques. On the outside a fierce leader, on the inside a wonderful and free spirit, with this combination she is the ideal leader of children’s groups where order is respected but she also makes it fun for everyone. She likes to eat good food, but more importantly in cooking she is invincible.
Coach for:
• kinesitherapy
• capoeira kindergarten
• capoeira for children (Zaprešić)
Tribe leader of the Tribo moderna project


Dario Vlahović, Master of Psychology and Capoeira Instructor

Known as Instructor Frodo. The coach who pushes your boundaries and the one who flies highest in Amazonas.
Coach for:
• capoeira essentials, capoeira advanced
• acrobatics (intense)


Lovro Stinčić, a student of the Faculty of Kinesiology and definitely the strongest Amazonas

His heart is as big as his muscles. He gives 100% energy in every workout, so everyone appreciates and loves him.
Coach for:
• sports conditioning
• capoeira for children (Zaprešić, Trešnjevka)


Sara Kovačević, Master of Speech Therapy and an inexhaustible source of creativity

Dancing, playful, acrobatic, dynamic, compassionate, our Super Sara. Her talents are impossible to count.
Communications Manager
Coach for:
• movement flow
• flexibility
Tribe leader of the Tribo moderna project


Margarita Vukoja, an architect in capoeira better known as „Monitora Chicote“

A passionate capoeirista in Amazonas. If you want to organize some social or celebratory events, as well as parties – Gita is your go-to person and she will provide you only with the best of tips!
Coach for:
• capoeira essentials


Teodora Tadej, a mathematician in capoeira better known as „Monitora Pippi Meialonga“

Another source of creativity. Her playfulness brings serenity and energy to Amazonas.
Coach for:
• capoeira for children (Trešnjevka)
• capoeira essentials


Alen Licul, professor of capoeira and leader of our friendly group in Rijeka Capoeira Beira do Rio

He implements the Tribo moderna program in Rijeka. Capoeira expert who lives and breathes that skill. He is our fisherman and sage from Rijeka.
Coordination of: Rijeka schools on the Tribo moderna program


Jelena Klinec, economist and leader of Amazonas in Pula

She will go to the end of the world for capoeira. She implements the Tribo moderna program in Pula. You will recognize her by the fact that she always has a different hair color but nevertheless rocks all the looks fantastically.
Coordination of: schools in Pula on the Tribo Moderna program