Volunteer in Amazonas

Become a volunteer and choose the position that will best suit you and your interests. You will learn something new, meet many new people and contribute to creating a better society.

Positions where it is possible to volunteer:

  • Media – film volunteer (M/F) – by working in a media – film team you will improve digital and media competencies. You will learn to take photos and process them, write reports, media articles, run social networks, etc. You will improve your competencies in handling video equipment, shooting and editing short films and learn how you can send your message to the world via video.
  • Festival of Brazilian Culture Brazilactica – by participating in the organisational team of the festival you will learn how to organize events, contact potential sponsors, improve your communication and language competencies in the international environment, and get to know different cultures.
  • Actions / campaigns / events – if you are not sure what you would be involved in or you want us to contact you when we are looking for volunteers for short-term events, log in to our volunteer database and we will contact you!


  • Tribo moderna: assistance with learning – at the beginning of each school year we are looking for volunteers who would help our users (children) in elementary schools to master the school material more easily. So if you are a student of one of the helping-professions and if you are interested in helping others, consider applying.
  • Tribo moderna: individual work with children – if you are a senior student of one of the helping- professions, you can improve your professional competencies through individual work with children at risk
  • Tribo moderna: group work with children – if you are a senior student of one of the helping- professions, and you love sports and are prone to sports activities, join us in group work with children; after gaining some experience you can join our team of experts / coaches.
  • Counseling / psychotherapy work – if you are a graduate student of one of the helping- professions or still in university, studying something related to psychotherapy, become a volunteer and support the most vulnerable groups. Counseling and psychotherapy are conducted primarily with parents of children at risk, through the Tribo moderna project and with families in the social welfare system in cooperation with the Social Welfare Center Trešnjevka. There are also opportunities to involve children and other family members in psychotherapeutic work. Also, our young users and volunteers occasionally need additional support and guidance, let us know if you are interested in becoming one of our coaches.