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Local Volunteering

Volunteers are an important resource for our social support programs. Volunteer positions are open to students and professionals in helping professions (social work, social pedagogy, psychology, pedagogy). Volunteer positions include:

  1. Learning Assistance: If you are a student in helping professions, we look for volunteers at the beginning of each school year to help our beneficiaries, children in elementary schools, overcome academic challenges.
  2. Group Socio-pedagogical Work with Children: If you are a student in advanced years of helping professions, and you love sports and are inclined towards sports activities, join us in group work with children. After gaining experience, you can join our team of experts/trainers.
  3. Counseling/Psychotherapeutic Work: If you are a qualified professional in a helping profession and/or in education for a psychotherapeutic approach, volunteer and provide support to the most vulnerable groups. Counseling and psychotherapy are conducted with at-risk youth and parents of at-risk children and youth.
  4. Mentoring Volunteers: If you are a young person or a qualified professional in the social sciences and humanities and are interested in working with youth, you can join as a mentor for our European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Proficiency in English is a requirement. Mentors support volunteers during their stay in a foreign country and follow the process of their learning.


For all volunteer positions, we provide professional support, reflection or supervision groups in psychosocial work, and training in professional development. For more information and to express interest in volunteering, contact us at

International Volunteering: European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps program allows young people to participate in a wide range of activities through volunteering, either in their own country or abroad. The program is funded by the European Union, and in Croatia, its implementation is managed by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs.

Since 2015, Amazonas has been implementing long-term volunteer projects. Currently, we are implementing the project ‘Building an Inclusive Society,’ and four international volunteers participate in the work of our organization every year.

The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Promote the development of tolerance towards diversity among children and in communities with fewer opportunities.
  • Promote the development of language skills in young people and children, with a focus on those with fewer opportunities.
  • Increase opportunities for social inclusion and create conditions for the development of specific competencies in young people, with a focus on those with fewer opportunities.
  • Encourage young people in the local community to volunteer and participate in mobility projects.


We have the quality label as both a receiving and sending organization.

If you want to volunteer with us or seek our support in finding a solidarity project abroad, contact us at