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support for parents

The Amazonas team consists of experts in the field of psychosocial work, and in addition to our core team, we collaborate with a broader team of experts – volunteers who are undergoing education to become psychotherapists. As part of our preventive programs, we offer counseling for parents and the possibility of psychotherapy.

Since 2021, we have been implementing the project “Osnaženi – podrška roditeljstvu na Trešnjevci” (Empowered – support for parenthood in Trešnjevka) in collaboration with the Croatian Social Welfare Institute – district office Trešnjevka.

There is a pronounced need for social services for parents in the Trešnjevka area, and through this project, we ensure access to the services that have been recognized as deficient.

Through free individual counseling and psychotherapy, we assist parents who are users of the Social Welfare Center in better coping with everyday problems, more easily accepting the challenges of parenthood, defining their goals more successfully, and developing strategies to achieve them. We also work on increasing self-confidence and provide emotional support.

In addition to individual counseling/psychotherapy, we organize and conduct cycles of parenting school workshops. Through active collaboration between parents and facilitators, we address important parenting topics for every parent (parenting styles, family communication, goal-setting in parenting, the role of expectations in parenting, children’s self-confidence, parenting challenges in the modern age). The knowledge gained can be applied by parents in the context of their own families, positively influencing the family atmosphere.

As part of the project, we also organize various forms of creative workshops for all interested parents and their children to promote family togetherness and help families in the community have fun, learn, and grow together with us!

In addition to preventive programs, we offer counseling services to parents of our little and big members and users of other activities. We are also happy to recommend additional support from our collaborating therapists. If in some situations, we don’t know how to help, we can certainly inform you about existing services in the community and recommend organizations and/or institutions that provide support to children and families.

For additional support in the parenting process, contact us by email or phone: Mobile: 097 656 6509 Email: