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14 POP-UP tips to do in Zagreb #2

As I promised What to do in Zagreb #2 you can find 14 POP-UP tips and tricks below. Enjoy!


Zagreb is rich in culture and art. There are plenty of museumsthat you can visit. The one that I really like is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The whole building is a masterpiece. Inside the museum, you can find collections of artwork- painting, sculptures, graphics, music, film, and video. It also includes the history of the early 20th-century Croatian art. There are also some interesting performances that you can visit, check it here. AND close to the museum there is Bundek park ;).

Museum of Contemporary Art 2019.

Zagreb totally surprised me, not just because of the nature part of it, but also there is so much street artaround the whole city! I saw just a few of them, but I recommended taking a look at them (discover the city by bike;). Here you can find most of them.

Regarding to the music and art scene, my favorite places are:

  • AKC Medika3: association acts by D.I.Y. principles, creating and sharing cultural, political, and economic alternatives, providing a public space to all and any wanting to create and act beyond the mainstream while participating in changes at a local level and towards a free society;
  • Art park Zagreb4, park Ribnjak: unique outdoor art gallery which constantly surprises with new works by Croatian and foreign artists (they organize different events like flea markets, movie and music nights, different sustainable workshops);
  • KSET5is the oldest student club in this area. It was founded in 1969 by several students. Good place for concerts 
  • Tvornica Kulture6 is a polygon ground for the production of culture that hosts domestic and foreign musicians.
  • For ones who like old abandoned places7, there are many of them in the city and you can find them in the whole country. Each building has its own story, check the places here. ONE interesting building with graffiti art is a bit outside of Zagreb, and its called unfinished University Hospital in Zagreb.
  • Mystic tribe8, it’s about connecting people in the tribe with the nature note. Place where you can try different workshops like silk dance, playing drums, connecting with nature, dancing around the fire, and much more. Check it out.
  • Music and instrument workshops with Amazonas team9 were also on our menu  So I have the opportunity to get to know how to make a berimbau and also how to play it. For sure if you are interested in the music and culture scene of Capoeira, there will be opportunities for you to shine. As volunteers, we also organize Brazilactica, a festival of Brazilian culture and this was just an amazing experience. If you are interested more you can check some photos here.
Unfinished University Hospital in Zagreb, some graffiti art, concert of Apocalyptica in Tvornica culture, Let’s make Berimbau, Capoeira instruments with Amazonas team, drum workshop at Mystic tribe event.


If you are more into Environmental scene, solidarity, action, alternatives; there are many events that you can find via Fb. You will get to know and connect with locals and other volunteers and gain some nice experiences and have a great time. Below are some of my favorites:

  • Initiative for planting trees “Sadi drvo, ne budi panj10 at Medvednica and Velika Gorica- there was a collective all Croatian initiative action, where we get equipment and help to clean the forest and plant trees.
  • Workshop “Čuvari ušara” with BIOM11 association. The workshop was about learning how to observe an owl Bubo bubo and why is it important to protect this largest European owl. We had also a practical part of the workshop where we went to observe them. And it amazing to see this huge bird!
  • Udruga Vestigum12 is an organization that works towards citizen initiatives for local community development. Namely, listening to the needs of its neighbors and fellow citizens, the association Vestigium recognized many problems that citizens face – alienation among people, lack of places to gather and socialize, lack of content for children and adults.
  • ZMAG / Reciklirano imanje13 is a project of the ZMAG association. The association is designed as an ecovillage and a polygon for permaculture and sustainable living.
  • Bike repair association, Biciklopopravljaona14 is a place to provide everyone interested to get some space, tools, and tips that would allow them to learn to repair their bike themselves.
Initiative for planting trees “Sadi drvo, ne budi panj”, 2019.

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From Vesna