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7 POP-UP tips to do in Zagreb #3

Here we go THE last part with a magic number! Enjoy reading and post some comments below if you discover some new places ;).


In every quart or part of the city, there are market places1. Local food and seasonal it the best AND you know what you eat! Also it is friendly for volunteer budget. Everywhere is mention Dolac and it is really colorful and located in the city center. But since I used more than Konzum, my favorite is still Trešnjevka. But anyway, in the markets you can practice your Croatian because there are simple phrases and people really like to chat and share their stories.

Dolac market, online source:, 2020.

Aha just to mention, I was mostly cooking at home, so I am not the best person to recommend THE places to eat outside BUT I know for two places :). If you want to get falafel this is the place, Falafel, etc.2 Initiative MamaVeek’s Kitchen3 is all about preparing delicious meals that are a variety of African dishes you can order. They also have super great ginger tea.

In the whole city, there are different events like flea markets4 where you can exchange things or knowledge. Facebook group “sharing is caring Zagreb5” also supports sustainability and solidarity principles and there I get a bike and some other materials.


A super great and chill place where you can drink local coffee and work or just simply read. I like this place to work there sometimes. There are also interesting events like poetry and reading nights. They also have podcast and you can check it here.

  • Make a WhatsApp group for Croatian volunteers7

You will have an opportunity to meet most of the Croatian volunteers and there you can agree to make the connection and explore Croatia together.

Hmmm, I am not sure if I miss something! I guess I did, in case you need some tips or hints you can contact me. AND don’t forget to discover as much as you can!

Sunset from Split 2020.

From Vesna