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The voice of an ESC volunteer

International day of persons with disabilities

The 3rd of December takes place the International Day of Persons with Disabilities every year. I would like in this article to write about why it is important this day, what is a disability, and refer to few world policies about this topic.

To capoeira, or not to capoeira?

The capoeira trainings are worth a try, especially since the first training is free. It might not be for you, but if you never try, you will always be left with the question “what if?” in the back of your mind.

World mental health day

Traditionally, when we talk about health, we only take into consideration our physical body. Nevertheless, if we want to live a plenty life, we must also care our mental health.

New blood flows into Amazonas

My first article is about our (volunteers) arrival, so you will get a little bit of insight into our project, and you will get to know more about the new volunteers.

Travel abroad for free and get to know the European Union!

The European Union is a place full of opportunities. Living in it means living in the middle of 27 different cultures, 24 different (official) languages, people striving to unite backgrounds and ideas. Young people are the backbone of a successful European society. That is why many opportunities are offered to them. A common one is Erasmus+ Youth Exchange.

My last goodbye

I feel like it was yesterday that I was writing my first blog, not really knowing how anything works and what to write about. At the time, I was in Zagreb for about 2 weeks, still just discovering all our tasks, and responsibilities and bonding with my roommates. And now? Now is the end, and I have to summarize my whole life here in one short article.