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The voice of an ESC volunteer

Are you a European citizen?

Maybe we are used to thinking of citizen as someone belonging to a nation or to a country; for the Romans, however, it was a whole different story: being a civis romanus, a citizen of Rome, meant to be a free man, to have legal rights, and to actively participate in the city’s political life.

Valentine’s day

Love is not only a feeling between a couple, it has many different ways and categories. Like the love a mother has to her children. Love between good friends. Or maybe the most important, selflove.

New year, new EU: European Year of Skills

The Commission underlined that the EU is in need of many new workers with many skills: from driving trucks to IT engineering, all of them are welcome in the job market and young people and students must be formed appropriately for the future that awaits them. Such a future will include words like digital, green, inclusive, equal, and innovative.

International Hugging Day

He thought it was a great idea to create a national holiday who gives us the opportunity to do in public something most of us we like to do an to receive, a sign of love. As it is to give and to receive hugs.

Friday the 4th

In November, Amazonas organized an event centered around different cultures with the main focus on Spain, Slovakia, North Macedonia, and Italy. We named it Evening of Cultures.