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Apply! Erasmus+ youth exchange ‘Power of influence(r)’

From 13th to 18th of May, Amazonas is organizing a Erasmus+ youth exchange “Power of influence(r)”! Venue is Vinkovci, Croatia and it will last for five days. Exchange will gather 18 young people from Croatia and Kosovo (16 to 30 years old). All expenses are covered (travel, meals, accommodation).

Through the exchange yongsteers will:

  • Learn more about how to use social media for positive causes
  • Learn more about social capital
  • Learn how to create online campaigns that bring positive change to the community
  • Create an online campaign with a small group of young people

Influencers nowadays are capable of having both a positive and negative impact on society in general. In this youth exchange we will focus on positive characteristics influencer can have, and the positive change in society they can accomplish. That’s why it is important to recognize and make conscious the reasons for why we follow certain influencers, and what influence they have on us (on our development, relationships, behaviour, decisions, goals, life values etc.) There is a need to think critically, to analyse values/behaviours/products etc. that the influencers promote. What is needed to become an influencer we can be proud of? How can all of us be influencers?

By thinking about these issues, and by answering questions above-we are developing and improving media literacy.

For more information, read the Infopack and register by March 13 at 23:59!