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tribo moderna

The Tribo moderna project is a prevention program aimed at encouraging the development of a culture of peace and non-violence through the dance martial art of capoeira, through activities aimed at children at risk, their families and the local community.

“Tribo Moderna” in Portuguese means “modern tribe” and is a symbol of this project, which is based on an innovative approach to combating unacceptable behavior using capoeira as a tool in working with children. Capoeira is non-competitive and encourages cooperation, non-violence and acceptance of mutual differences.

It is implemented in partnership with the Center for Social Welfare Zagreb and 8 elementary schools: Zagreb (Elementary School A. Cesarca, D. Cesarić, Retkovec, MJ Zagorke), Zaprešić (Elementary School Lj. Gaja), Rijeka (Elementary School Podmurvice, Trsat) and Pula (Veruda Elementary School). The beneficiaries of the project are children at risk, their parents and volunteers, as well as selected scool classes.

The main activities of the program are capoeira workshops for children which, in addition to the physical part of the training, extend the principles of capoeira and a philosophy that promotes equality, cooperation and the importance of the group as support (“modern tribe”), and in a capoeira game children learn how to control unpleasant emotions and express them in an acceptable way, how to stay calm when provoked. The goal is to learn how to maintain your own personality, while respecting your teammate at the same time.

In addition to capoeira workshops for children, parents are also involved in project activities through counseling, workshops and joint activities with children.

Some children receive additional help and support through individual work that is carried out on a volunteer basis by students of senior years of helping- professions. Parents receive additional individual support through the volunteer work of psychotherapists. The work of all performers and volunteers is accompanied by supervisions and trainings. The values ​​of tolerance and non-violence are promoted in schools and local communities through the celebration of Tolerance day, the implementation of the campaign against violence and workshops for school classes.

The project has so far been co-financed by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Science and Education, the City of Zagreb – City Office for Social Protection, Zagreb County, the City of Pula and the City of Zaprešić