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Spring on Trešnjevka – Solidarity blog



Since the COVID-19 restriction still doesn’t allow to have any kind of inside trainings Amazonas has decided, taking advantage of the arrival of spring, to have the training outside, in Stara Trešnjevka Park. The usual indoor trainings, as much as Capoeira for kids and adults, have been moved to the grass field in the park that is in Ozaljska ulica.

With the good weather coming with the spring, not only trainings will take place in the park: starting from the third week of May, a series of workshop will be held outside. The whole event, under the name “Spring on the Trešnjevka”, will have activities from the 17th of May until the end of this month, like Intercultural Afternoons held by us volunteers or the Italian and Spanish café. For the most creative one, there is the opportunity to challenge yourself with the Origami workshop, and of course we will promote youth exchange and mobility in our stands. Of course, open Capoeira trainings will be led by our trainers.

Here at the end of this little article, is the Facebook link of the whole event and subscribe through the Google form to the activities you are interested the most, hoping to see you there!