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Solidarity blog: The month of February

The month of February 

We are now back to our normal working schedule. And as I am sure most of you have heard, the measurements in Croatia are being changed, so we’ll see if it will influence some of our working activities. 

Language Class

Our language classes are all going very well right now and a new student even applied for German Class, so now I have three instead of two students 😀 

And because of the new measures we may be able to have our classes in person again. 

Language Café

This month Francesco and I started with our English Café which is online and we met a lot of new people who are just as excited as us to engage in conversation about different topics next week. We got a lot of good feedback and we are looking forward to each Tuesday 😀

Online Campaign

The online campaign “Can you make it better?” is going good so far. It is very educational even for me to write about these topics and I hope that it reaches people who may need this help. You can find all the posts or articles on the Amazonas platforms like the website, Instagram and Facebook. 

Team Building Exercise

The Amazonas Team and the Volunteers gathered on a sunny Thursday to play a few games of basketball together. We mixed the groups and played for an hour or two and overall it was a lot of fun and we even managed to take some great pictures and videos together 😀 We are all looking forward to the next opportunity to play together!

And that is all for the month of February, see you guys next month 🙂