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Solidarity blog – The Mobility Month

During this month of March, we Amazonas volunteers have and are still preparing and publishing videos / tutorials on how to participate in the European Solidarity Corps mobility program. Of course, the videos are available both on the Amazonas Facebook page and on the official YouTube channel of our beloved organization.

In the first two videos we tried to explain which one are the first step to be able to participate in this mobility program, that is, registering on the ESC website. Furthermore, in this first tutorials, we have illustrated how the portal works and what are the research methods for the perfect project for you.

In the third video, however, we decided to talk about the differences between the “supporting organization” and the “hosting organization”, the two fundamental “structures” that will accompany you throughout all your project abroad.

Finally, in the fourth and last video, thanks to the help of other volunteers we met here in Croatia and who are having the same experience as us (even if for other organizations), we decided to share some of their stories, to convince you to join the European volunteer corps, if you are still undecided. Thanks to the testimony of Josè, Clement, Dasha, Annaelle and even more, we wanted to show you how much could be interesting and funny working or volunteering abroad and living in an international environment.

As mentioned above, you can find the videos on the Amazonas YouTube channel, and here at the end of this short article, I will leave a copy of the link for the first of these videos, hoping to leave you intrigued and also with the will of watching the remaining three (and, of course, to join the corps!).