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Learn by drawing – Capoeira Coloring Book – Solidarity blog

Learn by drawing – Capoeira Bojanka

The Coloring Book called “Capoeira Bojanka” presented by Udruga Amazonas and made thanks to the creativity of Mathilde, our French volunteer from Paris, is the new and cool method for your kids to discover something about the Capoeira culture.
For a total of 16 draws, the Coloring Book has the goal to make interactive the learning process of children: a description is attached to every drawing, along with an activity to make that process even more fun and interesting. “Capoeira Bojanka” is even the personal project of Mathilde as an ESC volunteer: in fact, almost at the end of every long term volunteering projects, the volunteers should implement a personal and own project that might have an impact on the community that the project is referred to.
So this Coloring Book is not only for Amazonas, a way for reaching the youngest and make them more interested in the Capoeira world, but even the culmination of a journey that began 8 months ago and which unfortunately is unfolding towards its end. If you are interested to have one of them, just contact us on Facebook and learn by drawing!