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French expressions – Solidarity blog

One day when I was in the forest on the phone with a friend (nothing better than the serenity of the forest to talk to your friends), my friend said to me:

‘Frankly Mathilde, it’s only you who says those kinds of expressions!’ I had probably said something stupid as usual, but I noticed that when I speak French, I express myself a lot with expressions. The French language is very creative at this level, so I thought I was going to share this with you 🙂

1 : « Il pleut comme vache qui pisse » : It’s raining like a peeing cow.

Expression to say that it’s raining a lot.

*It’s really raining a lot today!

2: « ça casse pas 3 pattes à un canard » : It does not break 3 legs to a duck

Expression to say that something is not amazing or impressive.

*Duck from Tchernobyl

**Hopefully I have the 4th one intact!

3: “T’es pas verni!”: you’re not varnished!

Expression to say that someone is not lucky.

*Oh you’re not varnished (lucky)

** No, not yet…

4: “Poser un lapin (à quelqu’un)”: To put a rabbit (to someone)

We use this expression when we have an appointment/date with someone and this person never shows up. We say that this person “put us a rabbit”.

*He stood me up again…

5: ”Avoir la gueule de bois” : to have a wooden face.

It just means to be hangover x)

*I swear, tonight I stop drinking, yesterday was the last time.

Of course, we have hundreds of expressions (I spent maybe 2 hours to check them, and I was laughing to tears because jesus christ some are really amazing), but I won’t make a 25 pages article.

If you are curious about them, you still can go on the following link and translate them (in English, not in Croatian, because the FrenchàCroatian translation is really shit, but FrenchàEnglishàCroatian is quite good.)

See you next month (:

Take care