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Erasmus+ -‘More than sport’

As part of the Erasmus+ program, Amazonas implements the project ‘More than sport’. The project is created in partnership with the Empoderar organization from Portugal. It is implemented within the framework of Key action 2 – small partnerships in the field of youth. The value is EUR 60,000, and it is co-financed by the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs in Croatia.

Overall aim of the project is to create structured program for working with youngsters with fewer opportunities in order to encourage their personal development and sustainable social transformation.

Specific objectives:

  • Create systematized methodology to work with young migrants/refugees and youngsters with poor socio – economical background in order to empower them to recognize their inner strengths, to become aware of their potential and contribution to society
  • Create a widely available programme for empowering young migrants/refugees and youngsters with poor socio – economical background troughs sport and physical activity

The final result of the project will be manual for working with the mentioned groups of young people. It will be available to many organizations that work with young people with fewer opportunities. In addition, some experts will have the opportunity to participate in international training. On it, they will be educated how to work with young people through sports and physical activity.

The project lasts from September 1st, 2022. to March 1st, 2024.