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Can you make it better? What you can do to help with depression

This week I’m going to give you some advice that can help you to manage the feelings of  depression 🙂

You may experience negative thinking that is normal in a mental state like this, for example, you are more likely to have a pessimistic outlook on yourself and your view of other things while still feeling depressed. Engaging with others, especially when attempting to challenge this way of thinking can be useful in helping you pull yourself out of a bad mental state. 

Communication with other people can help you get a different point of view that is not as pessimistic . Find a more balanced way of thinking by recognizing the negative thoughts or repetitive thought patterns. It may also be beneficial to think what you might say to a friend in this situation. To obtain a more rational outlook on things by removing yourself from these emotions.

Going outside can be very helpful as well. Imagine seeing the same room every day without anything new to look at, this can also make it harder to get out of a depressed state and a  change of scenery every once in a while can be good for you.


In a depressed state try to engage in activities or things that bring you comfort to make you  feel a little bit better like doing some exercise, go on a walk, listen to music or engage in a hobby that you enjoy like dancing or singing. Referencing my post about actions that help you manage feeling anxious, keeping a healthy diet and sleep schedule as well as a little exercise in your routine can be beneficial for yourself.

And maybe over time you can develop a list of things that you feel may make you happier 🙂 

Like Next Friday will be all about direct actions you can take that can be helpful in managing feeling depressed. 

Until then, maybe some of these points can help you to make it better 🙂

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash