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Become part of the European Union in Zagreb in a youth-led event!

If you think politics is incredibly boring, ask yourself:

  • What’s the last time you saw French baguettes fly in the Parliament?
  • Did you know that the President of the Council loves questioning philosophy late at night?
  • Did you ever dance traditional Bulgarian dances with your European Commissioners?

You can experience this and more at the Model European Union Zagreb: on April 21-22-23, you are invited to take part in intense debates over EU legislation and enjoy coffee and networking sessions with interesting people from all over Europe, eager to share experiences and opportunities with you. MEU Zagreb is free and participation is open to everyone aged 18-30.

The Model European Union Zagreb is a great combination of knowledge and fun: its aim is to make political processes an entertaining and interesting learning experience led by youth. It is organized by our European solidarity corps volunteer Nadia in partnership with Diplomatski klub Fakulteta političkih znanosti.

You can find MEU Zagreb on social media: – Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

More information you can find on info – pack.

Deadline to apply is March 19th! APPLY HERE!