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Solidarity blog: The month of November

The month of November

Hello everyone 😀 

This month started off with Eduardo’s and Francesco’s intercultural evening about Spain and Italy. 


Over the course of the whole month our language classes and Croatian lessons took place and I am really excited to continue with them. 


Mathilde also had her first workshops on origami and book-binding. 


Edu and I had a presentation over Zoom at a school about our experience so far and to encourage others to volunteer if they have the time and motivation to do so. We held the presentation three times in a span of three hours and had some technical difficulties but we managed in the end 🙂


This month we also helped with a capoeira class where children with difficulties participated. Our role was to help and guide them through the capoeira movements and it was a lot of fun. The children had so much energy and it was a great experience to work with them.


As of right now we, the volunteers at Amazonas, are planning and starting to shoot a short film about our experience and daily routine as volunteers here in Croatia. 


Also starting in December, Amazonas will start an online-campaign regarding mental health in response to the on-going pandemic. So look out for that on the Amazonas’ website and Instagram. 


This month Eduardo and Francesco will have their first workshops and Mathilde will continue with hers. If you are interested you can find more information on Facebook 🙂 


Since the Christmas season is starting in Croatia, we are all very excited to see how it will be celebrated here 😀


And that is all for the month of November, see you guys next month 🙂