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Erasmus+: Art of life

Erasmus+ training course ‘Art of life – a program for empowerment and resilience’ was held from 10th till 17th of September in Klaffer/ Oberösterreich. It was organized by Kinderfreunde organization from Austria, and Amazonas was one of the partners.

Our representative in ‘Art of Life’ project was Suzana. She is sharing few words with you and great pictures from this training.

Every little step you take is great opportunity to experience how the world is breathing. So, I decided to walk around the world. Last week I was also Croatian Team in Klaffer/ Oberösterreich and at this project we talked about The Art of Life. With Art, Workshops, Museum visit, Swimming, hawking, dancing, singing and Performance we discovered our life goals.

When you are on the Journey you discover differences between big and small, loudness and silence and the most important thing is the experience for yourself and the others.

The road is the best teacher!