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12 things to do in Zagreb #1

Dear reader,
Since it is ALMOST the end of our lovely project with Udruga Amazonas, I decided to prepare a bit of what is good to do, visit, and how to be part of… Zagreb. As this was a full year of rich experiences, I prepared some POP-UP tips and tricks of what you can do in Zagreb. I promise that I will be as short as possible ;). I separate the article into three post and you can find here #2 and here #3.


  • First things first, with Amazonas you can learn, play, face challenges, have a bunch of fun moments, or simply explore how your body moves1. You can find your rhythm within the programs that Amazonas offers: Capoeira, Acrobatic flow, Flexibility, Conditioning, Morning mobility classes, and Fluid balance. Since my project is “Connecting youth via Capoeira”, I was part of a LOT of Capoeira workshops and presentations: in Split during midterm meeting for volunteers, at the Spring Talent Fair with the NGO “Ocean Znanja2“, Amazonas na Trešnjevki and more… and I really enjoyed those times!
  • Second I recommend that you lose yourself and explore the city of Zagreb with a bike.3 This will allow you to get to know the streets of the city, some shortcuts… and in general, bike is the best transportation that you can have (at least in my opinion :). There are also some interesting places and routes that you can go, like for example, exploring Sava shore, aka Savski nasip4, or you can also reach places outside of Zagreb if you prefer. For the places around Sava and Zagreb, you can ask Amazonas team, they will gladly recommend THE places. Also, you can reach all the parks in Zagreb by bike (park Maksimir, Bundek, and Lake Jarun5). Specially Jarun and Maksimir: both are great for biking.

HINT #1: in the direction via Zaprešić6(along the Sava river), you will find some nice lakes, for example, Lake Rakitje or Orešje. The road via Samobor is also nice for a bike trip and in Samobor there is an old castle, super chill nature and Samoborska kremšnita aka custard pastry.

HINT #2: out of Zagreb, via Karlovac there is a super fresh river called Mrežnica7! THIS is a MUST to do, it is super nice especially for summer time. I really enjoyed when we went with bikes and also explored the surrounding villages and places. From Zagreb you can reach it with train (Duga Resa or Belavići train stop).

Mrežnica river, Duga Resa June 2020.
  • Let’s do some…hiking! From the city of Zagreb, it takes approx 30 min with public transport to the starting point of Sljeme, which is the mountain on top of Medvednica8. AND it is so close to our flat at Sveti Duh, that you can just jump into the bus 128, or find all the other possible ways to reach Sljeme.

HINT #3: the path to the mountain hut Risnjak9 is also a good hike with well-marked paths. There you can also try out Croatian dishes.

HINT #4: on the way to Sljeme there is a castle know by Medvedgrad10. It’s chill hike through the uphill forest. More about the castle you can find here.

HINT #5: Plitvice!! Plitvice Lakes11 are the oldest and largest national park in Croatia. With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers. Totally recommended!

  • It’s always good to know your local environment12, so we discovered also the “green fields in between the hills of Sveti Duh”. It is not so hard to find places to run or chill hike also. Across the street you can just go over the macadam parking lot, you will see wooden benches on your right, next to the kids playground, and you can just go behind them to follow the green path and you will enter into a small forest. You can hang out there or pass the forest more into the left side towards the bottom, where you will find a passage between houses. There will be a road and on your right side you will see Paulaner Grill Bar. You will see a water stream, and you can follow it on the right side, and soon you will get into the macadam path- this is the begging of Granice and Trsje path, that I recommend for running and beyond ;).

Some views from a hike to Sljeme, a bike trip across the Sava river, Jarun during golden hour, roses on my bikeway in the city of Zagreb, and a green jungle close to the flat.

from Vesna <3.