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include everyone!

The project Uključi s(v)e! (eng. join!; include everyone!) is focused on the active participation of young people in society through involvement in volunteer activities, with special emphasis on the inclusion of young people from marginalized groups in society. The project arose from the need to increase community services for socially excluded young people.

The main activities of the project are:

  • Involvement of an excluded group of young people in the activities of Amazonas
    Activities are intended for young people in the social welfare system and / or marginalized young people who can participate in trainings, educational activities (specific education, language learning), and cultural workshops (intercultural evenings, specific skills such as animation, origami, etc.)
  • Involvement of young people in volunteer activities
    Volunteer activities in which young people can be involved in are: work in the media-film team, organization of the Brazilactica festival, organization of cultural evenings, assistant coaches in sports programs, individual work with children (for assistants), implementation of anti-violence campaigns, assistance with learning, counseling work. All activities are aimed at the development of specific competencies and accompanied by specific education. Also, as needed, activities are accompanied by supervisions, reflection groups and / or consultations.
  • Informing young people about mobility opportunities within the Erasmus + program and the European Solidarity Corps
    Through workshops and the organization of info days on mobility within the EU, project beneficiaries, as well as other young people, have the opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of mobility. The event is also attended by our volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps, who inform about this project from their own experience, and our associates from other associations who present the mobility opportunities they deal with.

The partner in the project is the Social Welfare Center Zagreb, and we also cooperate with high schools in the area of ​​the City of Zagreb and Zagreb County.

The project has so far been co-financed by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the City of Zagreb – the city office for people with disabilities and social protection.