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Solidarity blog: New volunteers incoming

This is the story of an Italian, a Spanish, a French and a German
sharing the same flat… No, it is not the beginning of a joke, but just
the new European Solidarity Corps volunteers for Udruga Amazonas!

Thanks to the ESC program, these four hopeful young guys will discover a
new culture and an amazing city like Zagreb; but that’s not all.
Through the “Bringing Solidarity to Capoeira Community” project,
they will have the opportunity to explore different ways to help
everyone who needs it with solidarity , and share their own culture and
values with other people. But what does “solidarity” mean? According
to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of solidarity is an
“unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals
with a common interest” and a “mutual support within a group”.
That’s the reason why they are here. Even though they come from
different backgrounds, they share the same feeling of brotherhood and
mutual support that links all the single components of our society: an
idea of human solidarity, for playing, for learning and for evolving all

Francesco, Edu, Mathilde and Dolores