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Pro-tips for the best summer of your life

Summer is around the corner, and the thoughts on what to do come with it. Although I have the impression that in Croatia you love your vikendica, and are prepared to endure hours of traffic to reach it even for just a weekend, I want you to know that there is so much more to summer than just the Croatian coast, as beautiful as it is. The whole Europe can easily be at you fingertips!

Here you will find fun facts about some European countries. And a way to explore them with as little cost as possible, from an expert on bargain travelling like me.

Where the name “Europe” comes from

Greek mythology tells that Europa was a beautiful girl, daughter of a Phoenician king. Zeus could not resist such a charming figure, and transformed into a bull to abduct her. He transported her from Phoenicia (the contemporary Lebanon and Syria) to the Greek island of Crete. The father searched for his daughter everywhere, but could never find her. The only way he could be reminded of her was in the Taurus constellation, created by Zeus in honour of Europa and still visible in our skies.

Greece is calling adventurous spirits to join a project in the Peloponnese region. Living in an eco-community for a month, you can unleash your creativity in creating engaging activities for children. It includes help of a team of local and international volunteers. Find more about it HERE!

The country that made failing be ok

The International Day for Failure was started in 2010 by Finnish students to alleviate the pressure that students face and the fear of inadequacy to conform to expectations. They made it clear that failing is normal and should not be taken with shame, but with pride. If you like the sound of the path to success is paved with failure, then you might want to learn more about the country that normalized not being instantly good at everything.

Building fairytale places is always fun. This is what you are going to do in Kokkola, Finland, in a multicultural and enthusiastic team of people. You will have the chance to learn more about this faraway country. Also, you can practice one of the most difficult languages to learn with locals! Click HERE for more information.

The richest in World Heritage sites and in biodiversity

I could not overlook Italy, the country with the most UNESCO heritage sites and the richest biodiversity in Europe. Whether you are a lover of history and art, a foodie, or like to roam forests and hills in awe of nature, Italy has everything you need. It is not a chance that they say “All roads lead to Rome”! My personal tip is that of not only exploring the most famous cities, but also looking into smaller towns where life flows slowly and where most tourists do not go.

In a team of enthusiastic volunteers, half from Italy and half from abroad, you will explore the local traditions of one of the most particular regions of Italy: Sardinia. Helping with the organization of festivals and activities, you will be able to improve your intercultural and management skills, as well as enjoying amazing seashores. Apply HERE!

So what’s your plan?

A summer experience with the European Solidarity Corps is an opportunity you cannot miss. Not only you will gain new skills and knowledge. You will make a positive impact on the local community while being part of a bigger, international movement. You will discover new places through the eyes of locals and make tons of new friends. And, who knows, maybe you will be even inspired to take on a longer volunteering project, or come back to your country and start a new project there!

All you have to do is go to Volunteering | European Youth Portal, sign up, and start looking for your next adventure.