Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art in which elements of martial arts, acrobatics, dance and music are equally intertwined. It was created by the fusion of different cultures, and was developed by African slaves in Brazil as an expression of the pursuit of freedom. To date, it has developed in several directions and different styles, but regardless of style, capoeira is a dialogue of movement, a game of outwitting which, with rhythm and positive energy, makes it seem like a modern ritual and a skill that develops the whole body and erases gender, age and race.

Capoeira for children affects the balanced growth and development of children of any age. Motor skills, flexibility, endurance and coordination, as well as a sense of rhythm and musicality are developed. Precisely because of its non-violent and non-competitive character, as the main feature of capoeira, it also encourages the development of social skills: self-confidence, perseverance, discipline, teamwork, and cooperation. Groups for children are divided according to age, and inclusion in trainings is possible from the 4th year of the child’s age.
(coaches: Anđa / Lovro / Tara)

Capoeira for adults is intended for people of all age, from high school students to… without an upper age limit. We have several different types of training in the program.

Capoeira essentials is training focused on basic movements and the technique of performing a single movement / from basic movements to fluidity and connecting movements. It is intended for beginners as well as more advanced capoeiristas who want to perfect their basic knowledge.
(coaches: Dario / Gita and Tara)

Capoeira advanced is a physically and mentally more demanding training intended for more experienced capoeira players, focused on the game technique / different types of games / endurance in the capoeira game. Previous experience in capoeira is required (minimum one year of active training).
(coaches: Tena / Dario)

Capoeira (game / music / roda) is a training where we learn to play instruments. We train with music that is performed live on instruments and we end with roda (the circle in which capoeira is performed). All members are welcome to join this type of capoeira as an additional training.
(coaches: Tena / Dario)

* capoeira program for beginners consists of 2 x weekly capoeira essentials training + 1 x weekly capoeira (game / music / roda)
* capoeira program for more advanced capoeira players (minimum 1 year of active capoeira practice) consists of 1 x weekly advanced training + 1 x weekly capoeira essentials in a term of your choice + 1 x weekly capoeira (game / music / roda)

Capoeira Amazonas is part of Luandaê Capoeira – an organization under the supervision of Mestre Pontapea (Heitor Challegre Damiao – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil).
Luandae groups operate in Brazil and Hungary (Capoeira Luandae), Croatia (Capoeira Amazonas), Slovakia (Capoeira Oxumare), Slovenia (Balanço da Meia Lua) and in Malaysia’s Borneo (Arvore da vida)

Play. Learn. Evolve. is the slogan and hallmark of Amazonas capoeira. The roots of our Mestre are in the street capoeira of Rio de Janeiro, and today we nurture different capoeira styles and explore different capoeira traditions.

Capoeira Amazonas in Zagreb is the first Croatian capoeira school, and today Amazonas schools in Croatia, in addition to Zagreb and Zaprešić, also operate in Pula, Čakovec and Split.


Training for adults

Training for children