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Amazonas continues with language classes after Holiday break

My name is Kristina, recent film academy graduate, European Solidarity Corps volunteer, and a leader of non-formal activities in Udruga Amazonas.

This year, withing the project funded by the European Union called Building an inclusive society, me and three others volunteers participate in creating interesting activities and  workshops in Zagreb. One of our current activities that we organize is  French, Spanish Language lessons and my English Conversational Club. French and Spanish language lessons are for everyone who is willing to learn new languages by the help of native speakers.


Paula is ESC volunteer from Spain, who is leading Spanish classes, and she is very enthusiastic about her classes and her students. Paula was surprised because of the big interest that came from  applicants. We can say for sure that Spanish is very popular language here in Croatia. Students participating in Spanish classes Paula, say that they enjoy in their discussions, they have fun on and after the classes, since their tradition is to hang out after the classes.




Theo from France is leading French classes. He says that he likes his role od being teacher. French language group is smaller and it feels like being in small family. Worth to mention is that the classes are being held two times per week, one class on zoom and one live session.



On the other side, conversational club is once per week live session  that last hour and a half. English Conversational club is for the ones who want to improve their speaking skills in safe environment that offers interesting methods for learning.  Most important fact is that we build a friendly community, in that way we are not only learning the language but also, we are also connecting with each other on a deep level and we make long lasting friendships.  English Conversational club started in October, its consisting of two semesters, and it’s intermediate level. While in first semester participants had opportunity to learn about everyday topics, next semester will be devoted to topics they are professionally interested in. In that way they can also gain more knowledge which can be used in their professional life.

Everyone who is interested in joining us in the second semester should wait for our open call on Amazonas Facebook page. In addition, we would be happy to consider your participation. 

For French and Spanish class the process for joining is same with difference of the level(beginners level). You will learn not only the language, but also about the culture and traditions of those countries.

I hope to see you in our classes!

With love, Kristina.